Wednesday, 28 March 2012

15mm Grav-Tank... progressing: I've added several filters overall and to individual panels using Mig and oil filters. I've dry-brushed with oils to fade the panels a little more and started adding some 'wear and tear' but won't overdo this on this particular model. I did this very late last night after a very long day painting NRF troopers (another three nearly finished!) and didn't manage to take progress photos 'til this morning in daylight...

A little detail painting next (weapons - barrels of the main gun and the laser defence turrets) and then some staining with oils.

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  1. Smoothly done so far and I agree that for something in this small scale, it would be really easy to over-do the wear and tear.

    It is a nice little skimmer too...but like you, I am not into 15mm because of the tiny size and my lack of focus at that scale :).

    I look forward to seeing the markings etc. that you choose for this.