Friday, 30 March 2012

15mm Grav-Tank finished...

... for now. I may come back to it in a couple of weeks and add something or other but for the time being


  1. Really nice work on this, I designed the digital proto for this one, I like what you did with the colour scheme, I think its begging for some stripes or something extra.

    I used one of your images on my blog, with proper credit and a link to yourself, i hope thats ok.


  2. I'm especially pleased you like it. I kept pretty much to Jon's vision re: the colour scheme but will return at a later date to add some colour in the form of ID bands or coloured panels (front of turret?)
    Looking forward to having a look at your blog and hope to paint some more of yours and Jon's collaborations.

    1. I think that would look good, I don't put decals on or do more than the bare minimum of surfacing on these models as that's not the aim of the project but thats basically how i'd imagine it looking, maybe a little more used and abused too to contrast with the clean look of the model.

      My blog post is now updated to include the concept art, As you can see the final item here is more or less identical to the concept, which I think shows how smoothly the design process went: I produce the designs based on detailed text description, a design brief along with images that demonstrate a particular aesthetic - necessary for say, fitting with a pre-existing range of models - and make it up around that. Then its a process of refinement to meet all expectations, if needed, Jon certainly has a very good idea of what he wants for a particular product and they are always well considered, there should be a lot more of our collaborations available soon as i've built quite a lot for him so far.

      Sorry for waffling on, do let me know if you do any further work on this or any other designs and I'll probably detail them along with the protos in my blog.



  3. nice, good looking tank design to.