Friday, 27 April 2018

WIP: Mantic Games 28mm GCPS 'Mule' transport...

...I pre-ordered the 'Mule' and the TAD-65 'Hornet' dropship a couple of weeks ago and they arrived this morning. I have to say that for moderately priced plastic kits they are excellent. Design and engineering are so good that the images you see below of the 'Mule' are of the vehicle dry-fitted together - no glue! The Hornet is similarly well designed but several of the parts are not as close fitting as the 'Mule' so glue (material doesn't appear to be hard styrene so I think superglue would be the best choice for glue - a bit of advice on the box might have been helpful) will be needed during the build. I will actually dismantle the 'Mule', clean up the very few mould lines (tyres have the most obvious ones) and build it again glueing the parts in position. A WIP of the 'Hornet' will follow soon. I was surprised to find that there were no kit building instructions in the boxes but a bit of common sense and a study of the box-art images solved any problems.

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