Thursday, 5 April 2018

...and talking about acts of OVER-generosity

...I was building my Clear Horizons Miniatures 'Pangolin' Advanced Grav APC when I realised I had a duplicated part (two lefts instead of a left and a right) and I messaged Harold to ask for a replacement. I very soon received a box too large and too heavy for one very small part. On opening said box I found that it was filled with models and miniatures. I have painted and promoted quite a few Clear Horizon vehicles and figures and Harold has always shown his appreciation by sending me 'freebies'. It has been a while since I last painted a Clear Horizons product (having promised myself 'retirement' from painting too small, eye-straining 15mm miniatures!) so the box full of goodies was a wonderful surprise - thank you Harold.
I'll get around to listing the full contents of the box soon but for now I'll just highlight these two items...first up is this very new medium battle tank designed by John Bear Ross - it's not even on the website yet so at the moment I don't have any details about it's release or even its title - which can be built tracked or as an advanced grav vehicle (I will try to magnetise the two propulsion systems so they can be swapped about) with two main weapon options.

The biggest surprise in the box though was the inclusion of a 28mm (yes 28mm!) 'USHI' (Universal Shipping and Heavy Industry) Transport Craft. This has been very cleverly designed by 'Coolhand' to include a hollow hull (hull rear is split into upper and lower parts) and separate side doors and rear ramp which demands the building of an interior (you can probably see the floor I've already added).

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  1. Soooo jealous of that shuttle! I want one but don't have the funds to spare. :-(