Tuesday, 3 April 2018

WIP: Black Earth 28mm U.E.F. 'Armadillo'...

...Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Pleased with the Black Earth 28mm miniatures I ordered from Nuclear Shrimp Games I promptly ordered more U.E.F troopers and an 'Armadillo' IFV. In an act over over-generosity and as a thank you for promoting their Kickstarter and posting images of the Lieutenant miniature the guys at NS refused to charge me for my latest order. They have in fact sent me even more items since! Thank you gents - I'm absolutely delighted.
On discovering that the 'Armadillo' had a hollow hull I decided to have the rear doors (actually door but I like the idea of it being split in two and it is very easy to do as the upper and lower parts of the door/ramp are seperate pieces) open and add a partial interior. Most of the interior will be hidden but at least it won't look empty if anybody peeks into the troop compartment! I will be building a small diorama with the vehicle and a few U.E.F troopers.


  1. Absolutely cracking looking model! This is 15mm, right?
    So love the huge wheels/tires ... totally the aesthetic I want more of in SF gear.

  2. 28mm, Andrew. I will edit the post title to include the scale. Parcel on the way tomorrow.