Thursday, 8 February 2018

WIP: Antenociti 28mm 'Roc' Dropship...

...I might use one of Antenocitis 'Komodo' suits (sadly out of production but I do have three) instead of the McVey T.H.I Utility Carapace. Problem is it doesn't look like it could fit in the cargo hold of the 'Roc' without folding or sitting in some way that is not immediately obvious. The one below was painted a several years ago so I'm just giving it a minor repaint and tidy-up.


  1. Hey Dwartist! I know you said you had three Komodos, any chance you'd be willing to part with one? I've been looking around for one, but as you stated, they are currently out of print. If you'd consider parting with one, hit me up at

  2. Ryan - yor email doesn't seem to be working. here's the message I sent

    Hello Ryan. Sorry, I'm hanging on to the three I have for the time being (two are already painted and are undergoing a change of I.D. at the moment). I did though approach Jed on your and others behalf to ask if there was any chance they would ever be released again. The problem he has involves his deal with Corvus Belli and his license to produce for Infinity - it precludes him from making or releasing 28mm figures. All is not lost though, he has a cunning plan...
    Watch this space!
    Regards, David

  3. I am also looking for the Komodo suit and have seen for several years now. I would like to get my hands on at least 2.