Monday, 19 February 2018

Khurasan 15mm 'Earth War Force Reserve' officer...

...this is the first of a range of new 'Earthdoom' 15mm figures to come from Khurasan Miniatures - I have twelve more to paint. Khurasan usually like to have the minis painted and photographed before they are released for sale but it is possible they may very well be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign which will include vehicles and possibly different scaled figures. More news when I get it.

"They’re “Reserve” because the suits were retired when mankind adopted heavy power armour, but then alien invaders hugged the human cities closely, meaning the power armour suits were not able to employ their extremely destructive weaponry. Earth forces had no choice but to take the old powered carapace armour out of storage in the fight to regain the planet."


  1. Amazing work! These are actually very far from being released. I just have one metal set in 15mm scale — getting production moulds made, then getting them made in 28mm and possibly 20mm, will be the subject of my first Kickstarter. That may also see the release of their grav attack barge as well.

    1. Really hoping these come sooner rather than later! 15mm minis have never looked this good.....

  2. Very interesting look. If I have some spare cash hanging about. I will look into picking some up.