Monday, 14 May 2018

WIP: White Dragon Miniatures 28mm 'Courage in Contact' 'Paras'...

...or to give them their full title, 'British Army - Platoon pack - Vehicle Dismounts Para Helmet' (28 highly detailed, expertly cast resin miniatures for £60 - that's just over £2 each! Amazing value!). So twenty eight to paint (you may have to be a little patient, Alan!) and, as promised to several people, a tutorial on my method and colour choices for painting Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) camoulflage clothing and equipment. I've started ten of the twenty-eight miniatures and have completed the face, helmet straps, earphones/microphone and the eye protectors on all of the ten. I don't intend discussing the colours I've used but if you would find it helpful I shall do so at a later date.
As you can see from the images below I have also painted the helmets on two of the figures to test whether it was feasible to paint the helmet's camo cover then paint the netting over the cover: it's feasible but not worth the effort as the space where the cover would be visible is minute and would not be seen, particularly on a gaming table. I will paint the netting in the base colour, add a darker wash then overpaint the netting with a lighter shade of the base colour. can you tell which one has the camo cover?

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