Monday, 5 March 2018

'Black Earth' Kickstarter successfully funded... over 300%! Something to look forward to later in the year. Meanwhile I have nearly finished three of the UEF (not EUF as I've repeatedly been naming them) troopers and started prepping several more. Found alternative arms that will fit nicely with just a bit of putty work too. There are several different sets of these so I've ordered one of each to try them out.


  1. These are 28mm, yes? The faces are amazing ... not sure if it's "just" your painting or incredible sculpting...

    Weird thing is ... I never liked the Black Earth stuff until I saw it getting painted by you ... bloody fanbois, eh ,)

    Oh, and WarDrone says you're a wankah ... I have no idea why :-) (probably artisanal envy...)

  2. Andrew! You never emailed me about the 'Utility' suit.

  3. I thought War Drone had done that!
    He must've got drunk again and forgotten ... ,)

    Done! :)