Friday, 26 January 2018

...and the same day I started the crew-chief for the Azure Dragon Antenociti KS 'Roc' arrived on the doorstep. Although I've had the 'Roc' for nearly a week I haven't done more than get the parts out of the box to inspect and dry fit them. Excellently designed and cast in resin the kit requires very little clean up and the parts fit very well - much as I've come to expect from Antenocitis Workshop. Like the Azure Dragon the kit has a very detailed cockpit with a clear resin canopy and this has been the cause of the delay in starting the build of the kit as I decided I wanted to scratchbuild/convert a seated pilot. The cockpit isn't as roomy as the one in the Azure Dragon so I had to find a slightly smaller figure than the seated Dreamforge Eisenkern troopers I converted for the AD. After a little trial and error I found the best fit (after I cut the feet off and removed a chunk of his bottom - can't see them once in situ) was an Empress Miniatures 1/48 pilot from their moderns range. I have replaced the head/helmet with a more sci-fi looking one taken from Hasslefree's resin Corporal Thoran ( I will be using Hasslefree's 'Five-Eight' series of figures to populate the hold and surrounding area in a diorama) and started altering the clothing with greenstuff putty. The conversion has progressed further than the photos below show and I will update them over the weekend as the figure conversion is completed.

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