Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Antenociti raises the 'bar' for 28mm dropships!!

Jed has sent me a pre-production copy of his 28mm 'Superhawk' dropship (due out at the end of July hopefully) and it's stunning! Superbly designed (like the 'Samsara' it has been developed from a card model) and immaculately cast in resin it comes as a kit of parts with a detailed cabin interior and movable upper and lower loading ramps.
I've had and still have a few 28mm 'dropships' eg. Forgeworld, Games workshop, Puppets War, Titan Forge to name but a few. Due to poor casting, warped parts and bad fit of parts most remain either unbuilt, partly built or awaiting further correction work and paint. Perversely the only one I finished - the Titan Forge X5 - was the worst of all, a nightmare of a kit! Of the others the Puppets War craft are worth persevering with and will be eventually finished. The two Forgeworld fliers I had - the Arvus Lighter (still have a soft spot for this design) and the Valkyrie (replaced by the GW plastic kit) were so poor in terms of fit and warping of major components that I ended up binning both!
The 'Superhawk' is the dropship I've been waiting for for years!
Here's what you get... the hull parts

some of the interior detail

engine pods

engine supports


fuel tanks(?)

upper and lower ramps

the cockpit

interior of the roof

a small bag containing the landing gear and several sensor/lights/drone/  pods

I taped the parts together to try to illustrate how the model will look built

the 'Superhawk' is designed for Infinity (Ariadna faction?) but i don't have any Infinity minis so added a Studio Mcvey figure (about the same size as Infinity I think) to the cabin for scale purposes

 to the spray booth to start priming the interior...


  1. That's fantastic. I think you could probably even get away with using it for 15mm if you buttoned it up.. though it would be a shame to hide all that amazing detail.

  2. Faction-wise, there is no specific faction for this, it was originally designed as a generic, all faction transport. The original card version has color & marking patterns for all of the human factions, a civilian version, and an A-Team version! Only recently has there been plans for faction-specific dropships, especially since the "cargo module-as-dropship" idea went south for scenarios on the Infinity website... Good to see this get a real model though!