Monday, 8 September 2014

'Goodies' from Khurasan...

...all 15mm. Over the last couple of weeks I received a couple of parcels from Khurasan and boy they contained some bloody lovely vehicles and figures! I've been pretty busy and have only just found time to post pics of the new items.
First up: a vehicle you'll probably recognise but in a slightly different form. This is the 'Polecat' but with a lengthened hull - to accomodate the mounting of larger turrets -  and is renamed the 'Bobcat'.

Next the 'Control Battalion' transporter ( a little beauty this!)

The first vehicle I painted for Khurasan (in fact the first 15mm vehicle I painted ever - I now have a display cabinet full of them) was the XM7 Grav Tank and now Jon has produced a variant on the same hull - the XM7 Drone Carrier.

I think I may have to repaint the Grav tank when I paint the Drone carrier as there is no way I'll remember the Greys I used!
As nice as the above vehicles are, IMHO the 'Eight Dragons' (Pacific Confederation) Drone is one of the best sci-fi vehicles that Khurasan have produced! I thought that of the recent USMC Mag-Drone I painted but this latest vehicle is an absolute stunner!

I have also received a couple of smaller drones (a 'Walker' and a tracked vehicle), several of the very nice Federal Army scout cars and six packs of human and alien troopers all of which I'll post details of in a later post.

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  1. These are very nice vehicles. Sad that they have not in 28mm scale!