Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Finally got around...

...to starting my Anvil Industry: 'Afterlife' Vanguard  (part two of the KS). I've actually started the UC 'Predator' Drone and the Republic 'Golaith' Assault Mech but as I checked Anvil's website for the correct nomenclature I realised that I've got a little confused about the ownership. I've painted the UC Drone in a camo scheme derived from the fatigues of the Republic Grenadiers' believing that the Drone was a Republic vehicle! Luckily I have two - one from the KS and a second courtesy of Joel from A.I. so one will be painted as a 'captured' vehicle and the other in a UC scheme (no idea what as yet).
Here's some pics of the Drone painted in the basic camo scheme (it has since been glossed and is awaiting suitable decals.

The 'Goliath' comes with the option of two heads - one with the armoured face shutters closed and one with them open revealing the pilot's helmet and visor. I'm painting both as they can easily be swapped about. Base colour and a little lining and edging so far...

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