Thursday, 3 July 2014

I don't do commissions but...(cont'd) *EDIT*

...slightly different circumstances with this one. I supported the Anvil Industry'Afterlife' Kickstarter and was rewarded with, IMHO, some of the best 'hard sci-f'i'  troopers available. No sooner had I received my pledge than I put other projects aside so I could paint a couple. When Joel saw the pics he asked if he could use them for marketing and has since sent me a few more items one of which is this extremely nice Unity Council Predator 'drone' (another well designed and expertly cast resin model which required very little prep work) with positionable lift-fans.

This morning I received a parcel from Anvil Industry containing the bonus figures from my Vanguard pledge (of which the 'Predator' is one) so I've taken a few quick pics...
Republic 'Goliath' heavy assault mech - really looking forward to painting this - excellent casting with great detail. Pics aren't great so you can't see the 'pilot's' legs attached to the exo-skeleton but you might just be able to make out the mechanical arms/hands. Comes with optional 'heads' - armour open or closed.

Republic 'Mauler' drill

Republic Missile trooper and commander

Unity Council marines in 'Tracer' exo-mech (trooper on left still to have weapons added)

Unity Council 'Spectre Operative' and bounty hunter Ellion Hesp

and PCR Senator, Vargo Federici

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