Saturday, 24 September 2011

'Viper Scout-Car' - a little beauty...

...from Antenociti in the not too distant future.

From the Alfold Arms: "Viper parts are on their way to us from the USA, expect another 2-weeks to get here,, then 1-2 weeks for final mastering and cleaning, then 2-3 weeks for moulds for meal parts to be made."
Here's the original concept...

"We’ve purchased the rights to producer the Viper Scout Car in 28mm and 15mm sizes.

This vehicle may be known to some of you from various online graphics forums and games and is a great little 2-man dune-buggy type vehicle with a great design that allows it to have open or closed cockpit.
As such we’ve been able to produce the 28mm model of this with a detailed interior and armoured hatches that can be hinged and with detailed metal suspension, bull-bars, steering wheel, drive shaft and so forth.
The 15mm model will be less modular and with less detailed/separate suspensions etc. It will come in two versions: one open-top and one with closed doors. Prices TBD but with around a dozen metal parts on the 28mm model it is likely to be around the same price as the Bear 4×4."


  1. That is one nice little buggy!

    I am looking forward to seeing one assembled and I'd also be interested to see one after you've got your brushes to it!

    I think I'd leave the doors/roof beam off and add a screen to it...but it looks pretty good as is :)