Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pig Iron Ironstorm

This Pig Iron Ironstorm (and the others in the series) is my favourite Sci-Fi AFV. I converted (hollowed out the driver's hatch and added armour to the lower front and rear) and painted it and several Heavy Troopers some time ago but now i'm going to paint some of PI's new System Troopers to go with it. The driver here is a conversion; the torso is a Heavy Trooper and the head is a helmet from the crew you get in the accessory pack hollowed out and replaced with a Hasslefree spare head from this set. More pics of the Ironstorm here, and here.


  1. Hi David, these really are very cool looking AFV's and you've done such a lovely job on them. The overall scheme, accessories and crew-member all excellent. Cheers, Lin.K

  2. Hey David,
    I see they posted this and your new heavy Infantry on the Pig Iron gallery. Congrats.